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Speed Search
Another Option Offered By Bidders and

Ideal for Auction Firms, Antique, Collectible and Craft Dealers who have Their Own Web Site.

Speed Search Instantaneously Directs Buyers To Your Web Site.

The Benefits

  • It Creates Greater Usage Of Your Web Site. Viewers that come to Bidders and’s web site will also be linked to your web site.
  • Your site becomes instantly searchable through Bidders and It connects those viewers to your sale offerings on your web site. Whenever a buyer types in any item the buyer is seeking, the sale item locator, Speed Search, connects a buyer, with the click of a button, to your sale offering on your web site.
Speed Search is made possible by entering all sale items in your sale offerings into the Bidders and’s database. That can be done quickly by your secretary or print typesetter. The ideal time would be immediately after they have placed your sale bills or listings on your web site. For a secretarial fee, Bidders and can make your database entries if you desire.
How Do You Join Speed Search?

-Auction Firms
-Antiques, Collectibles and Crafts

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