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All auction firms listed below utilize the services of Bidders and, a professional auction advertising and promotion company.  All express gratitude to you for viewing their clients’ pictures and sale bills  published on

When you or a friend need to sell anything please consider contacting anyone of these experienced responsible gentlemen, their wives and staff to provide you with full auction services.  Should you need their services now or in the future, click on their email address in the black banner ads below and an addressed email box will pop up.  Just email them for information, quotes or questions you may have.

They provide a valuable service that maximizes the value of anything you desire to sell from heirlooms to investment land (consider land doubled in value in the past four years –
What Else did? - they have land for sale everyday) to homes to machinery to fryer rabbits.

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. They are proud of their sale holder clients, their website, their sale bill’s and picture’s presentation on  Any of them would appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs today. View their present sale bills and email them to establish a profitable relationship.

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